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Loic Marras

Multimedia designer / Graphic designer


- Web and print design
- Video
- Brand image
- Community management
- Website design


Are you looking for a way to inject dynamism into your brand image? Do you want to bring a touch of renewal to your business?

Named Loïc, this independent and versatile graphic designer is available. Driven by a passion for design and visual art, LM Multimedia was created more than 5 years ago with the aim of supporting both small structures and large companies in bringing their multimedia projects to fruition.

Aware that the world of graphics can be disconcerting for some clients, LM Multimedia is committed to serving as a guide through this maze of fonts, colors and images.

Whether it is for the production of an impactful video, the design of an informative brochure, the creation of an intuitive website or the development of a striking brand identity, this professional is at your disposal. The design approach is simple: working closely with clients to understand their needs, vision and style. Together, the ideas take shape to result in a final product that is both unique and tailor-made, reflecting the identity of the company and capturing the attention of the intended target.

If you are looking for a creative collaborator to support your growth, do not hesitate to get in touch. He looks forward to collaborating with you in creating a project that will reflect you in every way!


Art serving the message

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